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  • UX designer with 5 years of experience. Looking to Start a new career.
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    Add valuable insights to your portfolio while you keep in mind the question, ‘what makes you the ideal candidate?’ Once published, use the platform as a social network for career growth.

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    Utilize our comprehensive social-psychology profiling tool (KYKO) to identify the types of occupations that best suit your personality and those where your actual potential may flourish.

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    Conduct a targeted search for job opportunities with employers that align with your future goals and ambitions. Take the time to thoroughly explore the profiles of potential workplaces in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of their backgrounds.

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    Through the chat feature, employers and shortlisted candidates have the opportunity to engage and familiarize themselves with each other. This streamlined communication process not only facilitates easier interaction but also enables the establishment of rapport right from the early stages of the recruitment process.